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Northern Lakes: True Value Back in Town

“Since putting the True Value logo back on the building, we’re hearing from customers that they missed their True Value store and it’s great to have True Value back in town. They say ‘We know who you are,’ and that makes a big difference because they trust what’s on the shelf. We’re here to help them – that’s what the company stands for. Your local hardware store is where you go to solve your problem.” 

Northern Lakes True Value manager Chris Hofer says the store has been in his small town for more than 60 years, and the co-op it’s part of is in its 91st year in business. A recent conversion, his True Value store is bringing the community together. 

“We serve the community really well and try to provide that service, to run it the way we need to help the customer and help quickly,” Hofer said. “That’s what we’re known for.” 

He adds that big box hardware stores aren’t always able to support a customer’s project from beginning to end with the level of service at a small, locally owned business like his.  

“For us, we’re fortunate to support our customers and help with their project extraordinarily well,” he said. “We have great employees, and at the end of the day, we’re lucky to have those key members of the team.” 

Hofer attributes a few other things to the store’s recent success. First, “Brand recognition has been so helpful.” He said customers come in and are thrilled to have True Value back in town. Additionally, two departments really stand out: paint, and lawn and garden.  

“We’re off to a great start and have had wonderful support from the True Value team to accomplish this conversion.” 

Story courtesy of True Value Company

Throughout its history, Northern Lakes Cooperative has set the standard for progressive retailing and innovation in the Hayward area.
Through all the changes, its principles have remained the same: Excellent customer service, patron growth, and a commitment to community.
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