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Tire Basics — What's Inside a Tire

Tread: Provides traction and cornering grip
Belts: Stabilize and strengthen the tread
Sidewall: Protects the side of the tire from road and curb damage
Body Ply: Gives the tire strength and flexibility
Bead: Assures an air-tight fit with the wheel
Innerliner: Keeps air inside the tire

Modern tire technology blends a unique mix of chemistry, physics and engineering to give consumers a high degree of comfort, performance, efficiency, reliability and safety. Many tires are custom-designed to meet the stresses and performance needs specified by the maker of a particular model vehicle. Every tire is carefully inspected, and random samples are pulled for additional safety tests. As part of these tests, tires are x-rayed, cut apart and examined, run on test wheels, or road-tested to evaluate handling, mileage and traction performance. If properly cared for, tires can last a long time – usually from 40,000 to 80,000 miles, depending on the application.

Rotating Your Tires

Sometimes irregular tire wear can be corrected by rotating your tires. Consult your vehicle's owners manual, the tire manufacturer or your tire dealer for the appropriate rotation pattern for your vehicle.

NOTE: If your tires show uneven wear, ask your tire dealer to check for and correct any misalignment, imbalance or other mechanical problem involved before rotation.

Before rotating your tires, always refer to your car's owner's manual for rotation recommendations. If no rotation period is specified, tires should be rotated approximately every 5,000 miles.

What is an oil change?

Everyone knows that they need to change engine oil every 3,000 miles, but do you ever think about what you are getting when you have your oil changed?

If you go to a quick lube, you get your oil drained, the filter changed, and new oil put in. The lube technician may look at your wiper blades and air filter, or he may not. This oil change will be done by a low paid person with very little if any formal training. This is the most economical way of getting your oil changed, and for some people, this is all that they want.

If you have your oil changed at the Northern Lakes Coop Auto Center, you get a full service oil change. This means that you vehicle will receive a complete inspection. We have the latest technology for testing your battery, your coolant, and your transmission fluid. We inspect belts, tires, universal joints, air filter, and wiper blades. The fluid in differentials and transfer case are checked. Steering components and suspension parts are also inspected. The motor is inspected for leaks. The technician also listens for noises that could be a sign of developing problems. All of this is done by true Technicians that have received a great deal of formal training, and have many years of experience diagnosing and repairing automotive problems. If a problem is found, they can give you an estimate of what the cost will be to correct the problem. Many times problems can be found while they are still small problems, and the repair is relatively inexpensive. For most people, this type of oil change is the only way to go.

At the Northern Lakes Auto Center we believe that the longevity of you auto depends on proper and timely maintenance.

Automatic Transmission Service

Did you know that 85% of automatic transmission failures are directly related to transmission fluid? The life of transmission fluid is affected by things such as, your driving habits, the temperature outside, and the miles driven since the fluid was new. Heat is a major factor in determining the life of transmission fluid, the higher the temperature, the faster transmission fluid breaks down. New transmission fluid is a translucent pink color, as it ages it will change from pink to brown and finally to black. It is time to flush the transmission when the fluid color is brown. After the fluid has turned black, damage is being done due to a loss of lubricity and high PH levels. Transmissions should be flushed and the fluid replaced every 30,000 miles.

Coolant service

Do you know that cooling system failure is the number one breakdown on the highway according to AAA? Coolant, like all other fluids, has a life. Conventional coolant lasts two years, or 30,000 miles. Extended life coolant can last up 100,000 miles with correct care. We all understand that coolant cools our motors, but do you know that coolant also has to lubricate all of the moving parts in the cooling system, and provide corrosion protection? When this protection is used up things like water pumps start to fail, and radiators and heater cores become plugged.

Cooling system need to be flushed every two years or 30,000 miles

About Us

Northern Lakes Auto Center offers a wide variety auto care services servicing all vehicle makes and models as an independent repair and maintenance shop.

Northern Lakes Auto Center is a full service tire center that stocks Bridgestone, Firestone, Fuzion, and many other tires in all of the common sizes. We get six tire deliveries a week from our tire vendors, so if we don’t have it in stock, we can get it fast.

Northern Lakes Auto Center offers competitive pricing on all major brands of tires, plus we have the largest stock of inner tubes, and lawn tractor tires in the area. If you have the misfortune to run over a nail we can help you with tire repairs.

Auto Center Now Open Saturday

Northern Lakes Auto Center has expanded its hours to Saturdays to better serve customer off-hours maintenance needs. We especially welcome visitors to the Hayward area who run into problems over weekend stays. We are open and ready to take care of your needs to get you back on the road faster!

Getting You Back on the Road Faster!

We are also a full service car and light truck repair center. Since we are an independent repair shop we get to see every type of car on the road. Our Technicians are ASE Certified, which means that they know how to repair you car correctly, no matter which brand it is. We have the latest equipment to diagnosis whatever problem your car may develop and Technicians with the knowledge to correctly use that equipment. At the Auto Center we also believe that if you want to get the best out of your vehicle it needs to be properly maintained. At the Northern Lakes Auto Center we have the expertise and equipment to service all of the fluids in your vehicle.