Northern Lakes Cooperative Introduces ‘Patron Rewards’ Program, Cash Back on All Your Purchases


Receive 1% CASH BACK each Cooperative fiscal year that begins on April 1st. All of your complex-wide purchases qualify, excluding those made at the Cenex C-Store. Cash back is refunded to you through a Co-op bucks card that can be used at any of our Northern Lakes stores.

Join now and at the end of our fiscal year, for every dollar you spend as a member, you may be awarded a dividend check and an equal amount of stock according to your purchases (excludes Cenex C-Store). When the Co-op profits, you profit!

To qualify, you must sign up for a new Patron Rewards card and use it each time you make a purchase at Northern Lakes stores.

If you have questions or would like more information, stop in any of our Northern Lakes stores or call (715) 634-3211.

All of our stores have a short form to fill in or you may fill one out at the Administration Office, your information is kept secure in the business office, when you complete the form, we will be able to swipe a store card to immediately give you any store sale & 1% back on your total to earn a voucher at the end of our fiscal year, and a rewards card is given to you at that time as well. Though it may take up to 48 hours before activation is complete. You can still get discounts, we’ll need to make sure to write down your new Rewards card and after activation we can look you up in our system.

What is a Co-op?

The Northern Lakes Cooperative has been providing the Hayward, Wisconsin area with everything from groceries to computers, fuel to hardware, and everything in between. We pride ourselves in bringing quality service, experience and products to our customers on a daily basis, making sure your shopping needs are met, and your Co-op experience is exceptional.

A Co-op is a form of business that is designed to provide economic benefits to member owners as opposed to providing income to investors.

Co-ops are owned and controlled by the people who use their services. The Co-op difference: Member owner control, focus on member owner needs, profits shared with member owners.

Featured Department: Northern Lakes Energy Center

Welcome to Northern Lakes Energy Center where we strive to make you and your family as comfortable as possible. The Energy Center provides many different products and services including heating, air conditioning, air quality control, and propane to guarantee your home is always the best place to be. We make sure that when Mother Nature throws a tantrum, dinner is on the table and the game is on television with backup and portable generators that can get you through the most unpredictable of weather conditions. Visit Website

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